Baragatan sa Palawan 2017 is a festival at held annually at Puerto Princesa.

Baragatan, from the root word "bagat" from a Cuyunon  language, an old and native  dialect in Palawan that actually means to gather, or  to meet.

In this post I will feature just some of the native dishes I found on display at the Lutong Atenanen exhibit during the Baragatan Festival. 

Bute-Bute is Popcorn

Kumbo is Maruya

Banana (Saba variety) coated with glutinous rice flour
And mixed with brown sugar, then deep fried.

Ibus na kamote is Rice Cake - Suman
Made from finely shredded cassava

Ibus na kanin is Rice Cake - Suman
Made from glutinous rice

Papaya Salad more like Atchara

 Native Ampalaya Salad

Radish Salad

 Labong Salad
Made from Bamboo shoots.

Latong Kuyo - Seeweed harvested from Kuyo

 Dangit with Sliced Tomatoes and Okra

 Lauya -Nilagang Pork at Beans
Braised Pork and Beans

Pangat na Isda
Fish soup that can be a lightly sour to taste.

Tinola Tanglad Langka
Tinola is a native dish in the Philippines.
The flavor and ingredients differ from one place to another.

Some of this dishes here I find familiar, like the atchara, veggie salads, the popcorn and the maruya the only difference is that the ingredients is harvested just right out side their backyards, so it's guaranteed fresh and organic if it may. While the others may also look like the usual but taste differently cause the herbs and spices were different from what I'm used too back in Manila.

But still, I'm up to new flavors and it's so refreshing to taste something new that turns out to be great anyway.

Till next post! Please do stick around for I have so much kwento about Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017

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