This Is How you OPPO #ThisIsHowYouOPPO

I learned about OPPO through my mom. She was always making pa-bida how her phone took amazing pictures and selfies and also comes with awesome mobile features for just a fraction of a price. But now, I am fondly in love with my OPPO F1s. 

I started with OPPO Mirror5 and it was I think the most numbers of selfie I have ever posted in my social media ever. I can't help but wonder cause I'm super shy taking my own picture. But with OPPO Mirror5 it was so easy and instagrammable :P  

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In this blog post let me share with you a little bit of how OPPO was part of my daily mobile-phone-savvy-blogging-life.

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Taking "selfie" brings out the best in you | OPPO x Lazada 

Not so long ago, I started creating Vlogs.VLOGS (Video-Blog / Video Log) the way iI see it it's more like blogging in a video format. My first thought about vlogging is that it should be done using a DSLR Camera or a digital camera at least set up on a tripod or something. But mostly I'm more like a one-woman show plus 3 kids so I don't have the time to set-up first then shoot. Having my OPPO F1s to the rescue, video recording is now so easy for me. Allow me to enumerate.

Scenes at the Park: Team Bornea recording in process...

1. I'm recording via handy-dandy, light-weight mobile device. 

Yes, it's lightweight compared to my Canon 700D. I know my Canon SLR has a flip screen ideal for video recording but having a bigger screen is better and me being able to shoot from a playful perspective as I see myself for its a selfie camera is waaaay better. :P 

2. OPPO F1s having the 16mp front camera (yep, it does.) 

So the video quality is still super nice. Almost the same as my Canon700D minus the awful weight :P

3. The file is not freaking huge. So editing the video is easy- breezy. 

And uploading it on my youtube channel ACI GIRL TV is way easier than my clips from my SLR. Of course with a little bit help form a friendly mobile video editing app.

Sample Videos


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to maximize your OPPO Mobile Phones

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