Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo
Antipolo is one of the few places that I frequent to. I love going to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage also known as the Antipolo Church and after the mass, I shop for Suman and Kasoy as well. Also, I've been eyeing to explore the city more. I've heard there are museums, resorts, and wildlife park hidden in the city. Thankfully, a friend (Lee of ilovepaars.com) invited me to join her over for a staycation escapade together with our other friends. I had the chance to spend the weekend at Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo. 

Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo
is located at #3 Taktak Road Antipolo Rizal.
Phone Nos. (02) 5189303
Going to Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo is Super Easy. 

1. Grab is Available 
I suggest beginning the trip at Robinsons Galleria para tipid.

2. Mas tipid tip? Take the P2P Bus for Php50.00 only. 
From Robinsons Antipolo lakad lang pabalik slight. Matatanaw mo sya before ka bumaba ng P2P bus.

3. The super tipid tip??? Take the Antipolo, Binangonan, Floodway Jeep 
in Shaw Blvd. Less than Php25.00 lang. Along the way lang sya, and make para or bilin kay manong driver na ibaba ka sa Le Blanc Hotel.

First Impressions 

Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City
It's a Big White Building. Looks kinda new from the outside, I don't know if it's newly built or newly renovated. But I'm feelin' excited. I like the minimalistic ambiance. Lookin so clean, fresh and bright. We opted for the Twin Deluxe room that is priced at Php5,852.00/night. The room is 25sqm with Twin beds of course. The room is pretty basic and small. The beds were comfy and pretty neat naman. What I'm super liking is that they have MiBox and cute toiletries in a box.

Twin Deluxe | Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

Twin Deluxe | Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

Twin Deluxe | Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

Twin Deluxe | Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

Twin Deluxe | Le Blanc Hotel | Antipolo City

What I'm not liking... There are no Coffee Making amenities in the room. I don't know If they forgot about it or it is really not available for the room that we had. Also, some of the Bathroom tiles need replacement. I am actually expecting a super white bathroom to complete the Le Blanc feels but was kind of disappointed that the color scheme of the bathroom was black and white. 

Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo | The Pool View from Our Room

Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo | The Pool 
Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo | Someone is enjoying the Pool so much.
Food Trip at Le Blanc Hotel

Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo City

Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo City

Really lovin' this look! That super white, modern/futuristic feels this place is giving me. Say Yes! for allowing daylight to enter this hub and is indeed very instagram-worthy in every corner.

Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo City

 The Food
Le Blanc Hotel | Kani Cheese Tempura

Le Blanc Hotel | Asian Wings

Le Blanc Hotel | Okonomiyaki

Le Blanc Hotel | Salmon Sinigang

Le Blanc Hotel | Kare-Kare

Le Blanc Hotel | Pork Binagoongan

Le Blanc Hotel | Chicken Teriyaki

Le Blanc Hotel | Rib Eye Steak

Le Blanc Hotel | Beverages

Le Blanc Hotel | Kevin's Burger

Le Blanc Hotel | Cookie in a Skillet ala Mode

Le Blanc Hotel | Suman with Special Mango Sauce
Almost everything was delicious. 
If I have to pick my top 5 fave Le Blanc Hotel dishes it would be:

1. Okonomiyaki - a super healthy dish with wow factor! 
2. Kani Cheese Tempura - my first time to try this one and its unforgettable!
3. Sinigang na Salmon - because I love Sinigang and Salmon too + the soup is comfortingly delicious
4. That Kevin's Burger - it's big and hefty! can feed a family, charot!
5. Suman with their Specially made Mango Sauce - you gotta try this one! promise!!!

Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo City

Also, I heard that Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo is also known as an events place too. Actually while waiting for our accommodation to be processed a number of couples are coming in and out of the vicinity inquiring about packages and all. I also saw a big group of gents talking about their upcoming events and finalizing things up. This place must have been good. and from my experience, I can safely say that their food is great, their rooms were pretty small but comfy and by the looks of their previous events on their facebook page, it looks posh and pretty.

So if you're looking for a place to stay in Antipolo City
Include and consider Le Blanc Hotel.

For more details check them out on their  social media accounts
Le Blanc Hotel Antipolo

Le Blanc Hotel in Antipolo City