What to expect for first-time flyers?

What to expect for first-time flyers? OMG! Those are the very words I’m googling way back 2016 as I prepare for our first flight as a family adventure. I can still remember the bonggacious researching I’ve been preparing for our first family flight. I’ve interviewed my most frequent traveler friends, endless online searches for how to manage kids before, during and after the flight, discomforts that they may feel and how to cope with endless Q and A’s while on air. So there I am armed and ready with snacks and treats to hand over to fellow passengers in case na may mag-iyakan na sa kids ko even packed plastic bag if ever may you know…

What to expect for first-time flyers? #TeamBorneaKids

The shared video is available on YouTube and Google Drive.

But the over-thinker failed. Yes, walang nangyare sa mga in'anticipate ko. It was a very chill ride for them! And they pretty much enjoyed it. When we land they were all like, “That was it? Tapos na?” OMG mga anak, ano ito amusement park ride? And gusto pa ulit ng isa pang Go! 

That trip was an all-in-1 trip for the family, (Post Christmas, Birthday Celebs for Charles and Chloe and Ricci) Also our first flight traveling together as a fam. #TeamBorneaTravels. Opted for and Iloilo-Guimaras DIY tour. It was a bit jam-packed for a 3day adventure, it was kinda tiring but everyone was happy. 

A lot of “first” was happening during that trip. First Flight, First time to see a WindMill, First time to eat a Mango Pizza and dishes with Mango in it. First time to ride that kind of boat that fetches people from Iloilo to Guimaras. First JellyFish sighting and sadly Ricci was stung. We were shocked and disappointed with how the lifeguard handled the situation as if it was nothing serious. But hey, I don’t wanna spoil this post with sadness and we headed home still having smiles on our faces and looking forward to more adventures soon.


Now, where to next?

Experiencing first moments like these always leave a big impact on everyone's lives. From something as simple as meeting new friends to thrilling adventures such as driving your own car or traveling out of the country with friends or even solo. These moments turn into wonderful memories that are surely worth treasuring for a lifetime.

"It has always been our goal to support everyJuan to fly to their dream destinations. Now, we want to take things to greater heights, and share and celebrate exciting first memories and experiences with our loyal patrons," said Cebu Pacific Director for Corporate Communications Ms. Charo Logarta Lagamon.

Cebu Pacific Director for Corporate Communications Ms. Charo Logarta Lagamon.

Cebu Pacific inspires more Filipinos to travel and gain more experiences with its Make Moments Happen campaign. the airline is touching on relatable stories that perfectly capture the interests of the viewers, especially the frequent and first-timers fliers. 

In support of its campaign, Cebu Pacific is releasing a series of digital video s that showcase real-life situations which are worth capturing as it happens. it focuses on first time moments that define everyone's lives an shows how the ailine plays a role in elevating the experience.

The first episode, Leah (First Break), follows a hardworking Manilena who is looking for a break from her busy reality. as her birthday comes near she decides to take a leap and book that much-awaited vacation to a local destinati0on, alone for the first time in her life.

Following Leah's story, Cebu Pacific will also share an uplifting narrative of first achievement and a heartfelt tale of the first welcome. Watch and share the videos on Cebu Pacific's official Facebook page or YouTube channel.