7 Must - Try Delicacies in Quezon

7 Must - Try Delicacies in Quezon

Traveling to Quezon anytime soon? Don’t miss out on the best food in the province! It may be known for its festivals and water sports, but it’s a foodies haven too. Here are 7 of the best foods you should try out.

1. Lucban Longganisa

Care for some sweet and garlic-y longganisa? Taste the variation in Lucban! It’s best paired with coconut vinegar to balance the taste. You can also mix it with some eggs and fried rice to make longsilog. It’s such a delight to wake up with this as your breakfast.

2. Adobo sa Puti

Almost every region in the Philippines has its own version of adobo, and the same is true for Quezon. Adobo sa Puti uses coconut vinegar to create a unique but still familiar taste of home. It gives the meat a mix of sweetness and sourness that you’ll love for sure.

3. Pancit Habhab

For the main dish, try Pancit Habhab! It’s a must-try for everyone visiting the province. No utensils needed, you simply need to habhab it. It’s not simply eating with your bare hands, but devouring it with your mouth. It’s an experience you must not miss out on!

4. Minukmok

Also known as Niyubak, Minukmok is a delicacy made from saging na saba, margarine, peanut butter, and young coconut meat. It was traditionally devised in the province when a man wants to take a woman for a date — kind of like their Netflix and chill back in the days!

5. Hardinera

Hardinera is a popular dish in Lucban. This is usually served in an oval llanera, and is made from pork, boiled egg, bell pepper, and other vegetables. This can be enjoyed with the family or even when friends come over.

6. Budin

Finish off your meal with some dessert! Budin is a perfect pasalubong for your friends back in the Metro. It’s a cassava cake mixed with coconut, eggs, sugar, margarine, and cheese toppings. It’s also an affordable snack you can buy even from sidewalk vendors.

7. Lambanog

To finish off your trip to Quezon, drink Lambanog! It’s a wine made from distilled coconut sap. This is often called the local vodka by Quezonians. Don’t be fooled by its sweet taste, though! It can definitely make you drunk, so be sure to drink responsibly.

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