4x4=Offroad! I spent the last weekend of January with an action-packed adventure as we were able to witness the first-ever Cavinturismo event as it goes offroad in the beautiful province of Cavinti. 

The 1st Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenge Winners

Cavinturismo is a tourism-oriented 4x4 extreme challenge event that happened in Cavinti, Laguna from January 26 - January 29,2023. This 4-day event is filled with awesomeness and extreme team power from competitors all over the Philippines.

In Partnership with King of Riot, Taga Cavinti Po Ako!, Chandava Lake Resort & Las Caidas Wellness Resort

The CAVINTURISMO 4x4 Challenge is an extreme 4x4 competition made up of multiple Special Stages (SS)  to be completed by the competitors within the maximum allowed time. Each Special Stage is designed to test the competitors' technical driving skills, teamwork, and resilience as well as their vehicles' capabilities. Scoring will be based on a team's performance, with the team with the best time receiving the highest score (100 pts), less any penalty points incurred. Penalty points (10 pts or 30 pts) will be given should any rules be breached in the form of safety rules violation, dangerous driving, vehicle, and equipment abuse, or unruly behavior. - Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenge

#Cavinturismo4x4Challenge Jan. 26-29, 2023. Cavinti, Laguna

Watch the Flagoff Video here! | See the Flagoff Photos here!

Special Stage 1 (SS1) Cavinti Falls | (SS2) Las Caidas | (SS3) Paowin | (SS4) Caliraya | (SS5) EcoVille

Snaps from SS1

Interested to know more about the qualifications and specification requirements? Read more about it here!

And this is it... The Announcement of Winners

Prototype Category

1st Place: Edison "Tonton" Dungca 
Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 100

Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 100

2nd Place: Joshua Reyes 
Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 103

Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 103

3rd Place: Ryan Peyra 
Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 118

Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 118

Modified Category

1st Place: Aeron Apapito 
 Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 204

Aeron Apapito Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 204

2nd Place: Gerry Corpuz 
 Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 223

Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 223 

3rd Place: Marcus Bernabe 
Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger Team No. 218

Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenger No. 218 


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