Yes, finally after so many-many years I'm back to posting travel content. Please allow me to make kwento, I just started going out and covering events this year (2023). And thankfully there are still brands, & PR friends who wants to work with me even though I've been a team bahay for quite sometime. Kaya true as what other people/traveler say "Revenge Travel" na itu! Kaya naman brace yourselves for my kaliwat-kanang gala posts ni Aci Girl.  Tara samahan  nyo ko  for this adventure is all about My First-Ever Beach Trip after being a Team Bahay for 2 years.

My First-Ever Beach Trip After Pandemic

Aci Girl at the Beach

Isla Vista means Island View or View of the Island. Isla Vista Beach Resort is located at the Center of Uacon Cove in Zambales, facing the mesmerizing West Philippine Sea. It will take a 6-7 hour drive from Metro Manila, Also, travel time will depend on the means of transport you choose since it is also reachable via public transport like bus and tricycle. Since Isla Vista is located at the center of Uacon Cove, it is the perfect spot to watch the gorgeous colors of the sky as the sun set in and you are definitely up for an unforgettable beach holiday experience. 

Aci Girl at Isla Vista Beach Resort

Why Isla Vista Beach Resort? Isla Vista Beach Resort comes back Refreshed and Reinvented!  YES, Isla Vista has been established for 18years, also known for its affordable price making it one of the go-to beach resorts in Zambales. While everyone's world stopped during the pandemic, business and tourism were put on hold too, But not for Isla Vista. Instead of closing the resort, they decided to make a new one  come back stronger than ever. 

Isla Vista Beach Resort

Truly breathing in positivity, new energy, and excitement, Isla Vista is now made even better. Revamps here and there, Plus get this, they are now offering arranged tours, island hopping, camping, and my personal fave, customized sunset dinners at the beach! Also, good news for paw-rents out there... Isla Vista is a Pet-Friendly Resort! Definitely making sure that their guests will have a most memorable experience during their vacay/stay and comeback for more!

Isla Vista Resort Hotel and Resort

For room accommodations,  the resort has queen size beds or two Twin beds. They also have dorm-type rooms, family rooms, and beach houses that have their own kitchen and can accommodate up to 12pax. 

Isla Vista Beach Resort Courtyard

4-Bedroom Beach House

The backyard of the beach house we are staying in.

Isla Vista also offers The Beach House Package with Dedicated Service Staff. How awesome was that?! Surely making our stay hassle and worry-free. Book a Beach House with a dedicated resort staff who will be at your service from arrival to departure.  We tried this service during our stay and the service staff assigned to us was super nice, polite, and attentive to our every need. 

4 Bedroom Beachhouse with Dedicated Attendant for 10pax

5 Bedroom Beachhouse with Dedicated Attendant for 15pax

*Beach House accommodation comes with access to Resort's restaurant, pool, and beach area.

Resort Facilities:

  • Airconditioned Rooms
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • BeachFront
  • Picnic Area
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Non-Smoking Resort
  • Room Service
  • Swimming Pool (4ft)  & Mini Kiddie Pool
  • WIFI Connectivity (Limited Areas Only) Mobile Data is OK

Other Things to Do:

  • Avail the Island Hopping Tours.
  • Give in to a Sunset Dinner at the Beach. *my fave!
  • Go Sunset Cruising/Boating around Potipot Island (Php250/pax) 
  • Lounging or Chilling with the Inflatable Banana Beds.
  • Play Giant Volleyball with your friends and family at the beachfront.

Isla Vista Beach Resort

Swimming Pool

Isla Vista Beach Resort with Swimming Pool

Isla Vista's Swimming Pool at Night
Isla Vista's Swimming Pool at Night

AciGirl on inflatable banana bed
Inflatable Banana Bed

Dinner at the Beach
Dinner at the Beach
L-R:  Allan, Aci, Marco, Paula, MamiLa, John, Nix, & Armela

How about giving camping a try? Lately I've been so into camping. Lakas maka-survivor feels kasi and basta at the end of your trip masasabi mong yes, kinaya ko! Good thing is that Isla Vista offers something like this too. Camp out in the resort’s Tent City right at the beach and go stargazing. This is an experience that you must try if you haven't been able to try camping just yet. It is something that is very unique, and a little bit challenging but I'm sure you can do this for it'll be also fun and empowering at the same time. 

AciGirl during the island hopping

If you are the type who just can't get enough of the Vitamin Sea, Isla Vista's Island Tour Packages is for you! Adventure seekers be on board and take a boat ride to one of the best beaches and sand bars in Zambales, the Magalawa Island!  

Magalawa Island

I'm lovin' Isla Vista Already! This effort brings more positive, happy, and more beachin' vibes! The thought that they are open to suggesting and even facilitating tours  to other beach destinations is a great one! You just really have to plan your trip para bongga at ma-maximize ang inyong itinerary :)

But wait, there's more! Here are the other island tours being offered: Hermana Mayor & Hermana Menor Islands, as well as that cutesy Potipot Island which is at the way just a 3-minute boat ride away from Isla Vista's beachfront. The resort is also just an hour away from Pangasinan so if you want to level up that island hopping adventure, G na for Hundred Islands Tour!

Isla de potipot as part of beach hopping

You should include Zambales for your beach hopping up north and put Isla Vista on top of your beach-to-go-to list. Don't have the time to stay overnight? Don't worry because Day Passes are also available.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Summer is here, come and visit the Isla Vista Beach Resort now!

Tips & Tricks from Aci Girl

  • Feel free to bring your own food for cooking and snacking. BUT I recommend that you order food at Isla Vista's restaurant para less effort at maenjoy mo ng bongga ang inyong beach trip! Masarap ang food! Hello po Chef Marlon :)  Also, avail that Dinner at the Beach, ibaaaaa promiseeeee!!!

Sunset Beach Dinner at Isla Vista

Here at Isla Vista, all you need is a small budget to experience big adventure!

  • Bring Sunblock, Swimwear, Floaters/SalvaVida/Noodle swim for the kids.
  • Basic Toiletries & Towels are provided. But if you were like me na may fave brands, well,  you gotta bring your desired eme and other essentials.
  • Bring your own Tent & Sleeping Bags if bet mo mag camping mode sa beach *Tent pitching fee applies
  • Bring Powerbank, and your cables *for the island/boat tripping but if you just staying sa resort don't worry kasi madaming outlet to charge.

  • Curate that Beach OOTD ahead I-ready and beach mat, hat, and other paraphernalia's para complete and ootd looks sa beach. Support Isla Vista Mini Gift Shop and buy their Tee's! It's a nice take away and to remember your beach trip na din diba?! There' also a local selling keychains sa beach, bili kayo! 
Nicole Paler of ChicMix and AciGirl
ChicMix & Aci Girl

  • Make sure to have a Waterproof Phone Casing, Camera, or Go Pro if you are up for water activities lang naman.
  • Book your stay ahead. Summer na!  Try Isla Vista's Beach House Package with attendant. Lakas maka Soshal feels 
  • Plan your trip/itinerary well para sulit ang bucks and time! 
  • Ask Isla Vista for Ongoing Promos!

Isla Vista Beach Resort reception

Isla Vista Beach Resort

For Reservations, call 0920-969-6845 / 0917-514-9007 
or Email:
website  *website currently under construction 

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