This is just too pretty not to post.

Hayee everyone! This is an attempt to post ehem, beautiful pictures that I took during the Partakan Festival at Anguib Beach, in Sta. Ana Cagayan. I am sooooo proud of myself. Naks' ang yabang ko! C'mon you guys and give me some love and check it out and let me know what yah think.

  One of my favorite photo on this set. Brings back childhood memories. 
I miss Romblon but actually, I miss Pappi - my dad. Wish you were still here :(

When everything seems perfect.
Just breathe
And live in the moment

I love this photo and I don't know why. Seems like it's talking to my heart.

Is it just me - Miss Saigon in this pic?

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, 
every day can end beautifully. 
-Kristen Butler

Thanks for being here!