Adventures of Aci Girl was invited to be part of Team Eatgetaway for an all bloggers team to participate in the Partakan Festival's Amazing Ride Competition. The event took place at the farthest part of Luzon, at Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Anguib Beach, Sta. Ana Cagayan

I'm always up for new adventures, Lez do thiz! 
There's no mountain, no valley - No time, no space - walang makakapgil saken lol:P

Partakan Festival 2017 is brought to you by ROPALI Motorcycles and Honda Philippines Inc. together with Kawasaki Motor Philippines, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Suzuki Philippines as major sponsors. The said festival is actually in its fourth year and they just got getting better.

So, back to the Amazing Ride Challenge. Team Eatgetaway is all set for the road trip going to Sta. Ana Cagayan. Amazing Ride Challenge is more like that popular reality show on tv titled Amazing Race. Having the same format each team needs to race their way to the finish line with pit stops and tasks along the way. Now, I'm starting to have self-doubts. What challenges are in line? Is it buwis buhay? Kakain ng eeky-eeky things? Okay, Stop... no more over thinking.

Let me Introduce to you our Team  
Team EatGetaway

Azrael Coladilla of

Ted Claudio of

Enzo Luna of

Nicole Paler of

Oscar Bornea of
Ehem! That's Me, Aci Girl of |

Team #EatGetaway is an all male boy band from the Philippines. Just kidding! #EatGetaway is more like a barkadahan of this three. Enzo Luna, Azrael Coladilla and Ted Claudio derived from the first letter of their nicknames plus the word getaway that's what they really good at... Ang Gumala, Kumain, Mag-Blog, Matulog then Repeat.
Ted Claudio, Azrael Coladilla and Enzo Luna - Photo credit: Nicole Paler
I will try my very best to summarize the ganaps and all. Prior to Ropali Cabanatuan there are 2 more pitstops along the way. But sadly there's no one there. So officially, this is our first pitstop for the amazing ride challenge. Team 081 yoh!

Team Eatgetaway at Ropali Cabanatuan - Photo by: Azrael Coladilla
Team Earth and Team Eatgetaway at Ropali Solano - Photo by: Azrael Coladilla
Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park - Photo by: Ted Claudio
 Food Trips on the Side
Breakfast at Five Mama's - Photo by: Azrael Coladilla

Lunch at Laziza's - Photo by: Azrael Coladilla
After 21 hours of a road trip, we finally hit the almost end of Philippine island. Literally.
Sta.Ana Cagayan.
Arrival and Late Dinner at Country Inn, Cagayan -  Photo by: Azrael Coladilla
With all that body aches due to the longest ride of my life. I badly need some shut eye - a decently amount of sleep and hopefully a comfy bed. So the moment we arrived at our villa in Cagayan Leisure and Holiday Resorts, Dive agad sa bed!.

The Morning After

Day1 Breakfast at Cagayan Leisure Holiday and Resort - Photo by: Azrael Coladillo
I want to sleep a little bit more but DaddyO wakes me up to grab some breakfast. I was about to say no, but then realized I have no idea what today's activities were lined up for us so it's better to be prepared and be armed and loaded with carbs :P After that quick breakfast, SleepMode ulit :P

Housemates at Cagayan Leisure and Holiday Resorts - Photo by: Azrael Coladilla
Getting ready to hit the beach.

I so love this picture, kinda brings back the kid in me with a minor hint na: I'm getting Old naaaaa!

This is (from my own personal point of view, iwas pusoy notion line,) my best sunset picture eveeeeer!

Day 2 is Action Time

Registration Area

 Auto-Moto Speed Challenge

Activities at the Beach

Volley Ball

Sand Castle Competition

BailOut Challenge

Time to Chill and Enjoy The Beach

Ruth Dela Cruz, Earth Rullan, Nicole Paler and Rhea Bue

Make Way for Team Wapog
Team Members: Kenneth, Eloi, Alicia, Kervie,  Jereno, Marvin, Elvin, Elmer Darwin, Aubrey and Dondie
L-R: Kenneth, Eloi, Alicia, Kervie,  Jereno, Marvin, Elvin, and Elmer. Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete
 A typical looking barkada. But, don't be fooled... Astig sila!!!

Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete

Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete

Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete

Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete
Sila lang naman ang Amazing Ride - NCR CALABARZON Champion
Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete
Feeling so proud for my fellow FHO (Filipina Home bakers Online) Eloi, Super Small World, Magkatabi na pala tayo sa beach di pa naten alam (^.^,) Congrats Team Wapog! P.s super benta ng drone shots nyo.

Sadly, I wasn't able to witness the other happenings that night like the Summer Re-Vibe Hip-Hop Dance Showdown, Partakan Summer Bod Swimsuit Competition for we have to cut our trip short in order to be back in Manila in time for our other activities.

Got some video clips too, Please do check it out!

For making us part of The Partakan Festival!

Interested in joining next year?
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