Playing Favorites
Ok, I admit it. I'm playing favorites. This is not the first time I ever set foot at Club Balai Isabel. It was last year together with some of my blogger friends and by then it already captured my heart and soul. Also, I kept on coming back. Yay! not to be too cheesy or melodramatic but the place is so nice, the weather is perfect, the food is good, their staff is very accommodating, and the not to be missed Taal lake and volcano view. Instantly, this became my favorite spot in Batangas. A perfect escape away from the stressful environment of the city. I think I've been at Club Balai Isabel for 2-3 times already. This time, it is more special for I'm spending it with my kids.

Meet our Baby Chloe (^.^,)

Family Fun Day
With my kids on this trip, I know it'll be fun and I know they'll love it. Arrived just before lunch time and just in time for a hearty meal. We head on to Terraza Cafe for our lunch and better get all charged up with calories for It'll be an awesome day ahead for #TeamBornea.

What's on my plate? A little bit of everything! 
I love the ensaladang talong, sliced green mangoes and onions, paksiw na pata and carrot cake.
T'was indeed a hearty meal for me and my kiddos enjoyed it too.

Family Accommodation
Here's what our room looks like. Ideal for a large family or group. It has 5 beds, 3 of which is double size bed and the other 2 is queen size. With 2 showers and bathroom, one on each floor for our room is more like a loft type. The room is spacious too.

Let's Explore
After settling down for quite a while... (more like 5minutes for my daughters are so excited to go out and see the place and of course take a swim) We decided to stroll around and explore the area right away. P.S My kids are already in their swimming suits. 

I've noticed this structure along the lakeshore, Club Balai Isabel Photo Opp Area. One fronting the Terraza Cafe and the other one fronting Kumintang pool strategically in place to have your photos taken up close and personal with Taal Volcano. It's not there during my last visit. Actually, there's a lot of changes at Club Balai Isabel. The  Pantalan sa Terraza is more inviting for its newly installed tables and chairs plus additional lightings at night that made it more appealing. Also, there's a new restaurant inside the resort called Kumintang Cafe located just beside the Kumintang pool. More story about this on the later part of my post.

More pictures as we walk around the resort.

Spousal of Mary & Joseph Chapel
Tagong Gubat
Now, where is the swimming pool?
Told yah! My girls are so ready to go for a swim, all geared up pa!
I so love this picture. Photo bomber pa si Taal Volcano :P DaddyO took it 
We're getting closer...
And closer. And someone is running out of patience  (^.^,)
What's with Chloe in this picture? 
Chloe: Daddy ang tagaaaal! Si-swimming na ako!

Kumintang Pool
The Kumintang pool is my favorite among all the Swimming pools there is at Club Balai Isabel. Surrounded by trees and some flowery bushes plus the wide greenery of well-maintained grass on its lawn. So pleasing to the eyes, So relaxing and you can still enjoy swimming even at noon time for some parts are shaded naturally by trees.
Okay, one last picture! And I let them go swimming.
I joined too.
Chloe, Me, Ricci, and Charles *photo by DaddyO

Together with fellow mommy bloggers:
Ricci, Louisa, Lily and Joy, Charles, Chloe and Me and Yvonne.
Not seen on photo was Mommy Emiliana and her daughter Danica, Ms. Jinkee and DaddyO
Chloe and Me, Yvonne, Louisa, and Joy 
Other Swimming Pool
Talisay Garden Pool 
Terraza Pool

The Fun Doesn't Stop Here.
Who's up for Water Sports?
We all are!!! All geared up and ready to go.

Water Sports activities are also offered at the resort for those of you who are thrill-seekers to complete your ultimate summer experience. Located at the Pantalan sa Boardwalk, you can choose activities th\at suits you.

Lily, Chloe, Ricci, and Charles

Kayak | Paddle Board | Fly-Fish

#TeamBorneaTravels 2016

Banana Boat
#TheRoadTrippers #TeamBorneaTravels 2016

 Jet Ski
Ehem! That's me (^.^,)
DaddyO and Ricci

Ricci, Chloe and Lily enjoying the speedboat ride.

Wake Boarding

Kumintang Cafe
This is what I'm talking about, the latest addition and improvements at Club Balai Isabel. The Kumintang Cafe. Actually, I kinda like it. Going out for a swim consumes a lot of energy and I'm more likely to get hungry quickly that usual. Relate? Nakakagutom talaga. During my previous visits, whenever I'm hungry I'll go directly at Terraza Cafe or Isabel's Panaderia and Pizzeria. As mentioned earlier, my favorite pool is the Kumintang pool it'll take me 5minutes to get there or more depends if I'm liking to swim more pa, Plus hassle men!. That's why I'm super liking the new resto. Grabbing a snack or getting a smoothie is more likely a breeze.

Dinner at Kumintang Cafe
A Refreshing Mocktail

This mocktail greeted as sweetly. I and my kids like it so much that I even asked for its ingredients. sadly, Sprite lang ang naaalala ko :P

Strawberry and Cream Milkshake for Chloe
Banana Split Milkshake for Charles
Chocolate Milkshake for MEEEEE!!!
Aglio Olio -My Personal Favorite
It was a festive and delightful spread that everything was delicious and tasty.
Stay tuned for my food feature/review post about Kumintang Cafe real soon.

How about this Mojito to cap the night off?
T'was an awesome summer to remember for #TeamBornea.

It was indeed a very good experience spent with family and friends at Club Balai Isabel. Having that serene feeling just a few hours away from Metro Manila is such an amazing treat. 

A relaxing ambiance:  from majestic scenery and cool summery weather.
Amazing resort facilities, good food and super nice staff.
You can level up your experience with water sports or get up close and personal with Taal.

That rounds up What Summer Feels Like at Club Balai Isabel

So if you want a relaxing day,  a quiet time, perhaps a "me time"? or wanting just to be close to nature,  a family adventure or maybe a romantic summer getaway? No need to go so far and no need to look further for Club Balai Isabel is the best place to be in this summer! 

Club Balai Isabel
"Taal Volcano, up close and personal"
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Make your summer count and please make it a good one.
Book your summer vacay at Club Balai Isabel.