Who likes Leveled-Up Camping, Lake swimming, unli-Kayaking, with Bonfire Party and Smores!? But wait, there's definitely more... How about getting that exclusive island vibe where you can have it all  for yourself for a day or two for Php10,000 only? 

Yes, let's get straight to the point, and let me Welcome you to my newest staycation/camping destination finds, the Kalahi Lakeshore Camp!

Kalahi Lakeshore Camp is located at 6HW7+6P3, Cavinti, Laguna. You can reach camp via public transportation and will only take 3hour bus ride from Manila. Check'em out online thru their official website website or via airbnb.com

Glamping at Kalahi LakeShore Camp sets the mood for an Exclusive Island Feels But Won't Break the Bank

Flexing here Kalahi Lakeshore Camp's`- Awesome Amenities: 

Kayak. Kayaking for 1 or 2, Keri dito! They have kayak for one person na feel mag-solo trip sa lake or for couples na gusto mag-row-ng boat together or this,  kahit may thirdwheel keri! Because they have this huge kayak na can accommodate upto three person at a time!  And the best part, you can use it all you want during your entire stay. Yes, yes, yes, unli use mga besh. Unlike sa ibang resorts na natry ko na per hour ang use! This one  really made me happy and looking forward to bring my kids here because they'll surely like it.

They also had this Lilypad thingy na super aliw! It's like a giant rubber mat that can accommodate 1 person and float as if you were riding a magic carpet but in the lake.

They also have Darts, Videoke! Looking for something  a little bit more exciting? How about Cliff Diving? Feel free to take the plunge as you jump and swim your way up the lake. Don't worry because you'll be wearing a premium life vest provided at the camp. Lastly, is that Exclusive Island Staycation Adventure. 

Also, for those who likes to stay connected online, there's a Free Wifi Connectivity at the camp powered by Globe. 

For Fur/Pawrents, you'll gonna love it here because Kalahi Lakeshore Camp is Pet Friendly Camp! For those you like to commute, feel free to hop on that bus because you can get there even via to Public Transport.

Check these Amazeballs Accommodations

Cabin Sierra This is where we stayed during our Cavinturismo coverage few weeks ago. This is a Fan Room Only Cabin with King-size bed + Loft/Attic addition that can accommodate 4pax pa with its 4 single mattresses. I'm not so sure if I was able to spot an AC unit or not because (*during our stay) there's actually no need for Air-conditioning din naman sa sobrang lameeeegggg! Naalala ko nga na nagising pa ata ako sa sobrang lamig and even requested for a comforter and thankfully they send me one. Kaya naman sobrang naenjoy ko ang stay namin dito. 

Cabin Bria is I think the smaller version of the Cabin Sierra pero di din naman papahuli sa cuteness and cozyness this baby! Both cabins has its own toilet and bath just right outside the the cabins main door, also with an instagramable macrame swing found upfront and rocking chair chair naman on your very own balcony.

For those you want the traditional vibe of being outdorsy-camper, pitching tents is a go at their Lakeside Campsite.

Likes & Dislikes

1. There's No TV inside the Cabin. This made me a bit sad at first but later on did appreciate it. It made me reconnect more with daddyO, to friends that I'm with that that time and to nature's simple beauty. But don't panic, there's TV naman located at the Kitchen/Dinning Area. you can still watch local channels or Sing your heart out because may videoke sila mga besh!!!

2. There's No Microwave Oven in the Kitchen but there's a 2 burner gas stove, complete with cookware, drinking and dinnerware, there's a bunch of utensils too. Plus there's a huge rice cooker that can feed your entire angkan. And my most favorite small appliance in the island is that cutesy Electric Kettle best paired with the coffee fix complementary from Kalahi Lake Shore Camp for the win! 

3. There's No Sari-Sari Store / No Restaurant within the area as well. So you better be armed and loaded with tons of snacks before you go lalo na if may kasama kayong kids or someone who's matakaw like me :P I highly recommend na magbaon ng foods like cookies and biscuits for snacks, instant noodles lalo na pag malamig or just biglang naging hungry, You can bring rice and ulam you like for your cooking and take note of this: Magdala ng pang smores!!! Marshmallow, make it Markenburg large White or yung pang smore cut na talaga plus graham crackers and hersheys milk chocolate or kisses!!! Ito ang nalimutan kong dalhin that day. Di ko kasi alam na may pabonfire si Madam Karen our super friendly host <3 kaya next time magdadala talaga ko ng mga ito para complete feels and outdoorsy, love for camping'heart & mind ko ang happy kundi pati naring ang aking tummy :)

Lahat ng natatanaw nyo ay pag-aari ng ating super accomodating host, Ms. Karen. <3

4. For Smart Subscribers mahina ang signal :P Pero don't you worry, as mentioned, may pa- Free Wifi nga powered by Globe. 

What I think about Kalahi Lakeshore Camp?

Accommodations for group of friends/adults 4.0
Accommodations for family of 5 / 2 adults 3 kids (5.0)
Their cabins are super perfect for small families with preteen to teen kids. 
Pwede din sa group of super close friends and family 
*wag lang talaga mafriendship over sa pag pili who's gonna take the bed and mattresses at the loft/attic.

Ambiance 4.5
Everything seems to be perfect except sa mga nagvi-videoke from other resorts na dinig from where we are staying. Ganun ka tahimik at peaceful dito :) Sana ma-maintain para relaxing talaga and stay.

Amenities 4.5
Premium Lifevest, Kayaking Galore for 1 or 2, Wifi Connectivity, Very Functional Kitchen minus the microwave. TV/Videoke & Pet Friendly

Customer Service 4.5
At first akala ko wala kaming kasama sa camp but they have caretakers/ staff stationed there naman pala. They will let you roam around and watch you from a distance just incase you'll need help or something. They will attend naman agad like when I requested for a comforter, or when my friend want to sing and use their videoke, also, they will accompany you when you go for a swim or kayaking :)

Over All Glamping Experience 4.5
I recommend this for family staycation, lalo na yung may pre-teen kids like me. It'll be a nice introduction to camping for kids plus super maaenjoy nila ang kayaking and lake swimming.
Recommended din for beshies na gusto itry magcamping using tents at maglaa girlscout/boyscout and back to basic feels. Pwede din sa maarte because leveled up camping sila with cabin accomodations. Super recommended din for introverts like me. Feel free to enjoy with your family and friends without having to worry na may makasabay or makasalubong na strangers :D

About Kalahi Lakeshore Camp. We offer numerous amenities and services to make your stay at Kalahi Lakeshore Camp a pleasure. We’re dedicated to blending comfort and convenience to provide you with the attention and luxury you deserve. Featuring impeccable accommodations and an attentive staff, we guarantee you’ll have a pleasant experience here. Explore what we have to offer and book a room today.


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Thank you Kalahi Lakeshore Camp for making our stay super comfy and relaxing! 
Can't wait to take my kids there this summer!