Sulu Chicken Inasal with Pyanggang Sauce
One of the dishes available in Buen Apetito Restaurante

Las Caidas Wellness Resort hosted the competition ground for the Cavinturismo 4x4 Challenge last January 27, 2023. 

As mentioned on my previous blog post, CAVINTURISMO 4x4 Challenge is an extreme 4x4 competition made up of multiple Special Stages (SS)  to be completed by the competitors within the maximum allowed time. Each Special Stage is designed to test the competitors' technical driving skills, teamwork, and resilience as well as their vehicles' capabilities and Las Caidas Wellness Resort is the host for SS1. You can read more about Cavintursimo 4x4 Challenge here

Action Day 1 / SS1 Special Stages 1  
*Photo from Las Caidas Wellness resort Official Facebook Page

As we are waiting for Cavinturismo's competitors to finish ss1 and get here for ss2 at Las Caidas, our team was able to have a taste of BuenApetito Restorante best-sellers for lunch like the Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare, Las Caidas Tupig & Ube Palitaw.

Feast your Eyes to Buen Apetito's Food Offerings

Sulu Chicken Inasal with Pyanggang Sauce Php400

Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare Php520

Las Caidas Tupig Php250

Ube Palitaw Php250

Las Caidas Tupig is not your ordinary tupig! Buen Apetito's vesion of tupig is super silky soft at walang mafefeel na matigas na coconut bits unlike sa iba, and I love that its  with just the right sweetness too sakto for me. And that Ube Palitaw is oh so fine!!! Super soft too, perfect match with muscovado sugar and melted butter. 

Hot Chocolate Latte

 Also, Cafe Cielo's the Hot Chocolate Latte is super perfect for Cavinti's Weather!

Cafe Cielo
Cafe Cielo

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