Adventures of Aci Girl | Kadayawan Festival | Photo by Rodel Flordeliz

All set and booked for an early morning flight going to someplace I've never been.
And that city is definitely included in my travel bucket list!    

I'm super duper excited, I'm going to where the freshest fruits were sold at a very affordable price, Where the bonggacious Kadayawan Festival was held, and I think that this is known to many... and tagged as The Durian Capital of the Philippines. 

Yasss! I'm going to Davao City!!! 

Aci Girl went to Davao City for the Kadayawan Festival 2018

Just Arrived: Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao City)

Upon arrival, ramdam na ang festivity mga beshie, that distinct sound of Kulintang and graceful folk dancers will be the first to greet you!

Aci Girl went to Davao City for the Kadayawan Festival 2018

Welcome to Davao City!!!

Aci Girl went to Davao City for the Kadayawan Festival 2018

I'm here for work, to cover the Kadayawan Festival 2018. Our itinerary was loaded with activities and agad-agad we found ourselves amazed on the first event we are about to cover: The 2018 Kadayawan Ball. Kadayawan Ball is just one of the many events lined up for the Kadayawan Festival in Davao.

What I've noticed in Davao is that it's Multi-Cultural. Wala lang... 11 tribes lang naman are habituating in this beautiful city. All have their very own unique characteristic, different religion, different dialect, Artistic clothing, and Beautiful houses. More kwento later. 

Going back to the 2018 Kadayawan Ball, 20 Local designers who are also the top 20 finalists took inspiration from the 11 tribes in Davao. Creating a uniquely artsy and fashionable piece made with locally.

The 2018 Kadayawan Ball

Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau and Davao City's Beautiful Mayor, Sarah Duterte-Carpio graced the said event. She was lookin' so lovely in her sophisticated gown made by Aztec Barba.

The 2018 Kadayawan Ball
The Panel of Judges: Ronnie Cruz, Lulu Tan-Gan, Rajo Laurel, John Herrera and Cary Santiago.

The 2018 Kadayawan Ball

The 2018 Kadayawan Ball

Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau, Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio with Christopher “Toping” Zamora - 1st Prize at the Kadayawan Ball

The Kadayawan Village

As what I've mentioned earlier in this post, Davao seems to be a multi-cultural city. These 11 tribes are Davao's original residents. I am really liking the idea of this Kadayawan Village wherein the 11 different tribes showcase a glimpse of their culture and their lifestyle. 

Lumad Tribes: 
Ata, Bagobo-KlataBagobo-Tagabawa Matigsalug, and Obu-Manuvu

Moro Tribes: 
Iranun,  Kagan,  MaguindanaonMaranao,  Sama, and Taosug 

What makes it more exciting is that you don't have to go to different locations just to take a peek at their way of life. Kadayawan Village serves as a one-stop hub showcasing the rich culture of the tribes. Also on display are replica houses of what each tribal house looks like and it was really a must see!!!

Davaoenos are proud of their fruit harvest. Being super fresh, sweet and super affordable. Thanks to the bats that played a major role. Monfort Bat Sanctuary houses Rousette fruit bats, with a whopping 2.3 million population since recorded history -wiki . The sanctuary is located 1 kilometer east of Davao City Samal Island specifically.

The largest single colony of its kind -Guinness World Records 

The Kadayawan Village is located at Magsaysay Park, Davao

The Kadayawan Village is located at Magsaysay Park, Davao City
Habi Kadayawan
Students, hobbyist, and artisans flaunt their craftsmanship to a different level showcasing their talent with their fashion accessory creations. Davaoenos are known for their extraordinary works of "Habi" -Weaving.

Habi Kadayawan 2017 Grand Winner

Habi Kadayawan 2018 

Habi Kadayawan 2018

Habi Kadayawan 2018

Habi Kadayawan 2018

Habi Kadayawan 2018

D-11 by Carmaela Braceros Alcantara 

Habi Kadayawan Fashion Accessories Design Competition | Season 2

D-11 by Carmaela Braceros Alcantara | Professional Category

Pahidungog by Kathryn Fanlo | Hobbyists/Artisans Category

Panyas by Rhayan Orillo | Student Category

2nd Regional Travel Fair

The 2nd regional travel was held at SM Lanang, Davao City.

It was a 3-day event that will showcase a 2-day Business-to-Consumer B2C selling of domestic tour packages and a half-day for Business-to-Business B2B, wherein invited tour operators participated on. This is also a great opportunity to sell other domestic tour packages just in time for the coming lean season.

The TPB, Tourism Promotions Board through the domestic Promotions Department will develop and implement aggressive marketing strategies in attracting, encouraging, increasing and sustaining domestic travel businesses nationwide in strategic partnership with the local suppliers.

Mr. Arnold T. Gonzalez, OIC Tourism Promotions Board

Mr. Arturo Boncato Jr., Tourism Regulation Coordination and Resources Generation Department of Tourism

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the 2nd Regional Travel Fair 2018

Kadayawan Square

Indak - Indak sa Kadayawan
+ KosPlay Kadayawan
Held at the Kadayawan Square

Pamulak sa Kadayawan

Pitik Kadayawan

Alden Richards also went to The Kadayawan Festival! In full costume get-up as HammerMan of his "pinagbibidahang" TV series in GMA titled Victor Magtanggol that is airing right  after 24 Oras.

My Thoughts: Davao is like a dream city for me. Same as what Palawan made me feel. Everyone is so happy, contented and living life simply. It seems so peaceful, and people are living in perfect harmony. Even though they differ in many ways, they are kind of United and Super Proud of their roots. 

It was my first time covering the Kadayawan Festival in Davao. Also, my first time setting foot to Mindanao. This trip opened my eyes to see that a simple life is possible. Living clean and green is also a way to go and being proud of your heritage and culture is such an amazing experience. 

I am really amazed at how Davao was like. I'm proud of its people, its best-tasting yet super affordable and fresh fruits like mangosteen and of course, Durian and their seafood are the freshest too. The old style weaving, and working their magic, incorporating the undying passion on their masterpieces and had it shown in a Fashion Show dubbed as The  2018 Kadayawan Ball and the Habi Kadayawan.

Last but not the least, You should not dare miss The Kadayawan Village. It's a must see pasyalan! Really!!! And of course the Kadayawan Festival!!! As I've said, it was a very bonggaciously celebrated festival in DAVAO.

Super Thanks, TPB and DOT Davao for having me!
Special thanks to Balik Pinas, Balik  Saya.

Wait, my kwento is not yet done...
Abangan pa my upcoming feature pretty soon about....

Kadayawan Village
Bistro Selera
Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies
Chippens Buffet Restaurant

Museo Dabawenyo
Central 911 - Davao City

D'Bone Collector Museum

Malagos Chocolate Museum