Monday, September 10, 2018

Team Bornea Travels: "Our First Flight" #MakeFirstMomentsHappen

What to expect for first-time flyers?

What to expect for first-time flyers? OMG! Those are the very words I’m googling way back 2016 as I prepare for our first flight as a family adventure. I can still remember the bonggacious researching I’ve been preparing for our first family flight. I’ve interviewed my most frequent traveler friends, endless online searches for how to manage kids before, during and after the flight, discomforts that they may feel and how to cope with endless Q and A’s while on air. So there I am armed and ready with snacks and treats to hand over to fellow passengers in case na may mag-iyakan na sa kids ko even packed plastic bag if ever may you know…
Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"Kadayawan" The Bonggaciously Celebrated Festival in Davao City

Adventures of Aci Girl | Kadayawan Festival | Photo by Rodel Flordeliz

All set and booked for an early morning flight going to someplace I've never been.
And that city is definitely included in my travel bucket list!